The killer of nurse Michelle Beets waited in the dark for her to return home after cutting power to the premises.Detectives confirmed last night they were checking the hospital’s personnel records, in particular an incident in which a staffer had been sacked after Ms Beets reported the theft of drugs.Police now believe the murder was planned, and that robbery was not a motive for the attack.Ms Beets suffered multiple stab wounds to her chest, throat and head after being set upon on the verandah with no time to open the door to her house last Tuesday.But detectives said Ms Beets, 58, and her lawyer partner David Grant had never received any threats to harm them, nor had any other staff at the hospital.The cutting of power at a junction box near the front door of Ms Beets’s home in Holland Street, Chatswood, shortly before 6.20pm, immobilised a sensor light system on the eve of the verandah to the front yard, and caused loss of power to the house alarm.The private home security company monitoring the alarm immediately rang the house to check, but got no reply. The company rang Ms Betts, to no avail, then contacted Mr Grant on his mobile phone, who said he was on his way home and would check it out.When he neared the home police were already there, having been alerted to the attack by people walking dogs who saw a man running north down the street, wearing a green hooded jacket and carrying a small backpack.She had stepped on to the verandah carrying shopping from her car which she bought a short time early from Chatswood Chase shopping centre after finishing work as the senior nurse at the Royal North Shore Hospital Emergency Casualty unit at 4pm.As police await the results of DNA tests on blood samples taken from the footpath outside the home – in the hope the killer also may have been cut during the frenzied stabbing – they continued to search nearby streets and gutters yesterday for the knife used in the attack.Police ruled out blood found in a toilet block in a nearby park as being linked to the scene.They believe that blood came from a football match injury.Royal North Shore Hospital has been inundated with condolences and flowers for its former staff member, including a bouquet from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.A hospital spokesman said a staff memorial service would be held for Ms Beets. Many people are expected to attend her funeral on Friday.Ms Beets’s older brother Marty, who lives in New Zealand, said the family had not decided where Friday’s funeral would be held, but hundreds are expected to attend.”The amount of people in Australian and New Zealand who have been ringing and sending cards and flowers has been amazing. It’s fantastic that she has touched so many hearts,” he said.Mr Beets said he would arrive in Sydney on Wednesday, and his sister, Robyn, would be arriving tomorrow from the Gold Coast and their other sibling, Yvonne, from Britain later in the week.His father, Robby Beets, 87, will be brought from the Sunshine Coast by friends in a few days.”Dad is pretty devastated because he and Michelle were very close.” Mr Beets said the family were waiting for a breakthrough. Mr Beets said he last communicated with Michelle, whom he described as a ”bubbly” person via email, updating him on their father’s health.He said he still hadn’t spoken to Mr Grant, who is staying with friends.with PETER HAWKINS