IF HE did not go along with a plan to kidnap and lock a man in a toolbox before cutting his body into pieces, Sean Laurence Waygood feared he would be killed. However, seven years later he felt no danger in inviting the alleged architect of the plan to his wedding, a court has heard.Waygood has pleaded guilty to offences including the kidnapping of Terry Falconer and being an accessory after the fact to his murder. He also pleaded guilty to conspiring to murder Felix Lyle, an alleged member of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang and the subsequent shooting of another man, in what he describes as a case of mistaken identity.Waygood told a District Court sentencing hearing yesterday that in each offence he had acted on the instructions of a man he knew as ”Steve”, who was involved in criminal activity and had lent him and a friend $100,000.Steve’s real name cannot be disclosed for legal reasons.Falconer’s family wept as Waygood detailed how for $15,000, he posed as a police officer and helped to kidnap Falconer when he was on work release from Silverwater jail in November 2001.Falconer had been ”in a pretty bad way” after being rendered unconscious and then locked in the toolbox during the drive between Ingleburn and Turramurra, Waygood said. ”He was sweating profusely, he was red … I said, ‘Don’t you think we should let him out?”’ Waygood said.He told the court Steve became agitated by this. ”He put his hand on his piece and said, Are you f—in’ with us or what? He screamed it out with rage and put his hand on his gun as though he was about to draw it.”Asked by prosecutor Roger Kimball why he did not use skills he learnt as a green beret in the army to overpower Steve, he replied: ”Say if I did get away, how long was it going to be before my girlfriend was … murdered or worse, abducted or tortured?”Falconer was dead by the time they arrived at a property in Girvan on the mid-north coast. Steve removed Falconer’s teeth and smashed them on the floor with a hammer. Waygood, Steve and another man then dismembered the body, the court heard.Waygood conceded Steve was not the only ”criminal” at his wedding in 2008. Having testified against Steve and others arrested by Strike Force Tuno, he will have his sentence reduced.He apologised to his victims and their families, telling them he was ”disgusted” with himself but ”can’t take back what I have done”.