WOMEN crave sex nearly as often as men, according to a survey that also suggests the art of seduction has vanished from modern romance.Almost 10,000 Australian men and women, aged between 25 and 45, took part in an online survey of what they think about sex.The results, published in tomorrow’s Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines, show that when it comes to love, lust and good old-fashioned romance, the genders aren’t that different.The study found that almost 33 per cent of women want sex every day, compared with 40 per cent of men. The reality isn’t quite as exciting, with 25 per cent of women having sex once a week while one in five get lucky just once a month.Olivia Nicolson, 25, an events manager, and Chris Grady, 25, a forensic officer with NSW Police, have been together for four years and have a very healthy sex life – engaging in sex three to four times a week – with both of them initiating it. ”We’re both pretty similar in what we want,” Mr Grady said. ”I probably want it a little more than Olivia, but on the whole we just really enjoy being with each other.”Ms Nicolson said she often wanted sex every day. ”When I’m not tired from work I would say that I would want it almost every day,” she said.When it comes to a date most likely to put us all in the mood, a romantic dinner was favoured by a third of both sexes but according to 61.8 per cent of men and 52.4 per cent of women, there is nothing quite like a cosy night in to ignite passion.Dancing is the unanimous winner for both sexes when it comes to activities most likely to turn us on, with 65.9 per cent of women and 50 per cent of men preferring a boogie over outdoor pursuits and pub-based pastimes such as pool.As for sex itself, the survey suggests we’re all stuck in a bit of a rut. Rushed foreplay was named as the biggest issue for 37.8 per cent of women while 35 per cent of men complained women never initiate sex.More than half of both sexes said the one thing they really wanted, above all else, was to be seduced more often.Sex therapist and clinical psychologist Janet Hall said sex was often reduced to soulless hook-ups. ”The attitude towards sex is now about the outcome, rather than the journey,” Dr Hall said. ”People aren’t making love now, they’re just having sex.””Girls are not telling the guys what they want and as a result the whole art of seduction is just not there any more.”More than two-thirds of both sexes said they would be open to watching porn or engaging in sexy role play games in order to spice things up.Ms Nicolson said: ”We don’t need to mix it up all that often. But we have watched some porn and I sometimes dress up in lingerie.”