TRENT PROUT, 4, was diagnosed with autism in last June and attends the PlayConnect Blacktown playgroup.”Since coming to this group, my opinion of autism has changed,” his mother Heidy Marmulla said.”When Trent was diagnosed with autism I was angry, shocked and disappointed that Trent will not lead a normal life like my other two children. But coming to this group has been great relief – where you can meet other parents who have children like yours and discuss how they deal with certain problems.”We don’t feel so . . . isolated. We’re not sure how the future will pan out but we will wait as long as possible before we send Trent to school.”The Blacktown PlayConnect group meets every Thursday and caters for nine children diagnosed with autism. “This group gives parents the opportunity to share stories and strategies with other parents who have children with autism,” said Diana Smith, a Playgroup NSW spokeswoman.