ANGER and disappointment marked the faces of the first asylum seekers to be moved from Christmas Island to Darwin and Port Augusta.Immigration detention centre staff roused the men and boys at 3am yesterday to take them in a bus to Christmas Island’s airport.”Just one hour sleep. They say, ‘Come, go pack, come and nothing’,” a distressed Iraqi, Hadi Trad Al-Fadhll, said, holding up his identification document showing his date of birth, country of origin, and the number of the boat on which he arrived.The Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, said the men going to Darwin were on a ”positive visa pathway” but the asylum seekers themselves did not know a visa was pending.After a five-hour wait at the airport, the plane Mr Fadhll was meant to board with 129 others was cancelled. One man who tried to rush out and protest was tackled to the ground by several guards, one of whom clamped the man down over his throat. Others held down his legs.The Herald was initially told the man had fainted. He struggled on his back under the guards’ restraint before a van took him away. Federal police arrived 10 minutes later.Ignoring the commotion, asylum seekers still in the airport waiting room sprawled on plastic chairs. A few made hungry gestures, patting their stomachs and others tried to sleep sitting up.Another attempt to fly the men out will be made today, pending a plane part and good weather.Mr Fadhll will fly to Darwin with 59 others from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, as well as a few men who are stateless. They will wait out the rest of their visa processing at the Northern Immigration Detention Centre.Until now, the centre has housed a handful of illegal fishermen from Indonesia.