HOUSEHOLD gas bills in NSW are set to rise by up to 17 per cent over the next three years.The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal published draft proposals yesterday for the average AGL residential gas bill to increase by 12.4 per cent, from $618 to $694, over the three years.The average Country Energy gas bill would rise by $100, a 17.5 per cent increase; Origin Energy by $66, or 17 per cent; and Actew AGL by $72, or 12.3 per cent.Rising network costs were behind the increase, the tribunal said.The proposed increases come on top of planned increases of up to 64 per cent in the state’s domestic electricity bills, announced by the tribunal in March.Rural customers were likely to see higher increases than customers in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, the tribunal’s acting chairman, James Cox, said.It is asking for public comment on the draft plans by May 14.A public hearing is scheduled for April 30 and a final report is due in mid-June.AAP