THOSE gathered in an inner-west pub last night remembered their friend ”Mick” with raised glasses.Police found the 55-year-old man dead in his room at a Petersham boarding house yesterday afternoon after friends had become concerned about his wellbeing.Known to the Herald only as Michael, he was described by a former housemate as a ”father-figure”. Detectives were still at the house in Crystal Street late last night, with the area being treated as a crime scene.Michael, 55, lived on the second floor of the boarding house, metres from Petersham Town Hall.Jamie Martin, who moved out of the house a few weeks ago, said Michael had been severely bashed on Tuesday night. Mr Martin had tried to see him but he would not answer the door.”He stayed in his room all night,” he said. Other friends later came to the house and reportedly forced their way in.”It’s not about drugs. He was just probably doing the wrong thing at the wrong time,” Mr Martin said.With tears in his eyes he said: ”We just lost a good friend. There’s going to be 50 people on this street who are going to miss him and I’m one of them.”Mr Martin said Michael had been bashed before. Michael was believed to be originally from Melbourne and was a big AFL fan.