NEW YORK: A 13-year-old American boy is hoping to become the youngest person to climb Mount Everest.Jordan Romero left the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, on Sunday to travel to Everest Base Camp on the Chinese side of the 8848 metre peak. He hopes to reach the summit by May.The world’s highest mountain is the final leg in Jordan’s attempt to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents.He will be accompanied on the Everest ascent by his father, stepmother and two guides.The youngest person to climb Everest is Temba Tsheri, 16, from Nepal, in 2001.Jordan and his parents, both experienced mountaineers, climbed the first of the seven mountains, Africa’s Kilimanjaro, in July 2006, when he was just 10.They ascended Kosciuszko the following year, Elbrus, in Russia, three months later and Aconcagua, in Argentina, five months after that. In June 2008, six months after the South American climb, they climbed McKinley, in Alaska, and last year he scaled Puncak Jaya , in the Indonesian province of Papua.”I just wanted to do something big, and this was something I wanted to do for myself,” Jordan said.His father, Paul, said the idea was his son’s. ”We’re just packing the bags, chasing him around the world,” he said.Everest is the first peak Jordan will tackle that is over 8000 metres and he acknowledged that it constituted a ”big leap”. ”’I do feel ready. I feel very prepared emotionally, and definitely physically,” he said.Telegraph, London